Rules & Regulations

Pegasus AC
Soccer Rules and Regulations


    .01   PLAYERS
        A.   A player shall register on a registration form provided by The Club and pay the required fee prior to participating in any Club program

        B.   A player may play for only three teams in The Club, other than an All-Star team      established  for Tournament play or a trial basis.

    .02   TEAMS

        A.   The Club will operate indoor, futsal and outdoor soccer programs for youth and adults.

        B   The Club will operate Representative and Recreational teams at all age levels consistent with player registration and competition availability.

        C.   The Club will operate mini-soccer teams up to and including the U-12 age group.

        D.   Mini-soccer and Recreational teams up to the U12 age groups can be made up from players from both genders.

        E.   Players will be assigned to Club Teams and All-Star teams at the sole discretion of The Club.

        A.   Movement of players between Recreational and Representative teams are allowed and must follow the rules established by the Southeast Ontario Soccer Association and the League.

    .04   UNIFORM

        A.   The Club colours consist of Navy Blue coloured shirt with a second colour which may be changed at the request of the Board. Navy,  coloured shorts and Navy coloured socks.  The Club crest will be emblazoned on the left breast of the shirt.  

        B.   Alternate Club colours consist of the regular colours and trim reversed on the uniform.  

        C.   Any other marking on the shirt, including sponsors names shall be subservient to the Club Crest.

        D.   Optional colours can be used with Club approval .

        E.   To protect players from harassment, abuse or violence, names of players cannot be printed on any club shirts, bags or training suits.

    .05   EQUIPMENT

        A.   The Club will provide the following equipment to each player: Shirt, Shorts and Stockings.

        B.   In addition to the normal playing uniform, Representative players will be provided with an alternate Club coloured shirt.  These alternate shirts will remain in the possession of the manager between games.

        C   All equipment remains the property of The Club and may be requested returned at any time.


        A.   The Board is delegated the responsibility of determining the players allocated to each Recreational team.  The Director will attempt to balance team strength and has the option to switch players up to and including the second game of the League schedule.

        B.   A minimum of 10 games is guaranteed for each  team.
        C.   In the event a game is cancelled attempts will be made to reschedule that game.  The Club however, retains the right to not play the game and in that event will consider the game tied.

        D.   Game Durations and Ball Sizes are as follows:

                      Age                  Duration                Ball Size
        Under 9 to 11 Two periods of 25 minutes    4
        Under-12        Two periods of 30 minutes  4
        Under-13            Two periods of 40 minutes      4 or 5 light
        Under-14        Two periods of 40 minutes      5
        U15 and over        Two periods of 45 minutes   5
        E.   Each recreational player shall play a minimum of 50% of the game.

    07   Futsal
        Program underdevelopment


            A.    Player, team and team official discipline for game infractions will be handled in accordance with the procedures published by the Ontario Soccer Association.

        B.   Any Member who consistently infringes the By-Laws and Rules of The Club or brings The Club into disrepute may be reprimanded, suspended or expelled from The Club after a hearing by the Board at which the member may attend at the Members discretion.

    .08 COACHES

        A.   Representative team coaches will be appointed by The Board.

        B.   Representative coaches must apply, in writing on a form provided by The Club, to coach within the Club.

        C.   Representative Coaches must have a OSA Level 3 coaches certification to be considered for appointment to a representative team.

        D.   Recreational team coaches must be willing to take coaching courses offered from time to time by The Club.

        E.   Coaches are responsible for good training practices of the team, maintaining the appropriate level of fitness of the players and for the conduct of the players.

    .09 MANAGERS

        A.   Managers are responsible for the following team duties:

        B.   Ensuring the well-being and conduct of the players

        C.   Ensuring that all players are aware of scheduled games and travel arrangements

        D.   Ensuring that all players are equipped properly

        E.   Ensuring that the sponsor is aware of the teams progress and accomplishments.

    .10 DISPUTES

    A.   Any member may request the Board of Directors to settle a dispute by submitting, in writing, to the Board, the nature of the dispute and to request a hearing of all concerned.
        The hearing will be heard by the Board within 15 days from receipt of the request.

    B.   Any member may request a Special General Meeting in accordance with the Bylaws of The Club to settle a dispute.


        A.   Members are required to abide by the By-Laws and Rules of The Club.  

        B.   From time to time special events are held requiring additional volunteers.  All members are encouraged to help in these situations to ensure the success of the special event.


        A.   To ensure that all members are aware of, and in compliance with, the Constitution, Rules and Procedures of Southeast Ontario Soccer Association.   
        B   To ensure that all members are aware of, and comply with the Ontario Soccer Association Conflict of Interest and Harassment Policy as per OSA Published Rules